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Firm History

The practice was originally opened by Maria Tankenson Hodge in 1976 as a sole practitioner, after clerking for the District Court of the Virgin Islands and working for several years for the Virgin Islands Department of Justice. Recently, Mark Hodge has also become a partner in the firm. There are presently a total of four attorneys and one paralegal working in the practice. The firm specializes in civil litigation in all courts in the territory, including the Virgin Islands Superior Court, which exercises the general trial court jurisdiction of the territorial judiciary, and the United States District Court of the Virgin Islands, which is the federal trial court for the Virgin Islands, with some remaining appellate jurisdiction.  Its practice includes courts on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix, and matters arising on the island of St. John.  The firm also appears regularly in the Virgin Islands Supreme Court and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  The practice includes defense of personal injury actions, general commercial litigation, insurance coverage matters, land use and development litigation and regulatory proceedings, public utility regulation, and general representation before governmental and administrative agencies, as well as appeals of administrative actions, legislative appearances, and general legal practice.

Members of the firm have served as presidents of the Virgin Islands Bar Association, have appeared in the United States Supreme Court, have been elected to the American Law Institute, which drafts the Restatements that have been adopted by statute as the common law of the Virgin Islands, and have generally distinguished themselves in the practice of law in the Virgin Islands.  In connection with its work for numerous insurance companies, the firm has been recognized in the Bests Directory of Recommended Insurance Attorneys.

The firm prides itself on working well with stateside clients seeking the confidence that comes with engaging a firm that offers complete familiarity with local law and practice, as well as a national standard of excellence. Hodge & Hodge also has a history of working with stateside law firms for clients desiring to have coordinated representation involving lawyers with an established relationship with the client, and also lawyers enjoying a well developed relationship with the Virgin Islands bench and bar, and the territorial government.